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Cold Storage
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The Coldest Temperatures!
Colder IS better...
Daily Storage Billing!
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Services Overview

Cold Storage Services with a Difference Cloverdale Cold Storage Ltd. maintains storage temperatures of -28C. Check with your cold storage provider and ask about temperatures. COLDER IS BETTER. Colder temperatures result in extended shelf life and enhanced quality.

Take a 2 Minute Tour through 3188 Facility

We have three unique facilities in a campus style environment and are able to provide a wide range of services. We are extremely proud of each operation and invite our customers and prospective customers to tour through themselves. Let's sit down and discuss how we can help grow your business and represent your interests in this market area.

Whether it's seafood, meat, poultry, frozen fruits and vegetables or retail packaged foods, we can provide a frozen handling and storage solution for your company.

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Cold Storage Services

Cloverdale Cold Storage Ltd. offers the coldest temperatures in the industry. But what our customers love is the fact that we bill for storage on a daily basis. You pay for the number of days your product remains in storage.

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Container Loading

Cloverdale Cold Storage Ltd. offers container loading and de-stuffing services. The 3177-188th St facility is federally registered (CFIA) for Meat and Fish. 3133-188th Street is CFIA registered for Fish.

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Blast Freezing

Cloverdale Cold Storage Ltd. has the capacity to blast freeze between 150,000 and 200,000 lb of fish per day depending on species. Blast freezing services must be arranged well in advance. Contact us for more information.

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Cloverdale Cold Storage Ltd. provides a range of packaging and boxing services. Detailed packing/labelling instructions must be provided in advance and all work orders must be scheduled.

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